Posted by: Joe Eds | April 23, 2010

California Conservative

There’s a very broad definition of “Moderate Republican,” it can be loosely applied to just about any standard pol. In purple states like a California, a Hard-Core conservative is not very appealing, a Moderate GOP-er (as the Governator has described himself) is more to everyone’s liking come November. Unfortunately this definition comes down to one or two issues, and more unfortunately they’re social issues that if elected to office the candidate would have no say over. It’s one of the more sadder aspects of democracy about what so-called “buzz issues” garner the most attention. I understand why – it’s easier, but still I wish the core metrics were different. Moving on, is CA Gov candidate Meg Whitman a moderate republican?

This question is at the heart of this column by George Skelton, who goes item-by-item on Meg Whitman’s candidate agenda. She’s not for gay marriage. She’s pro-choice. Just like Arnold. But when it comes to economic issues…well I recommend reading the column.


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