Posted by: Joe Eds | April 22, 2010

Across the Pond

The people of the United Kingdom will be voting on May 6th for Prime Minister.  Conservative Party Leader David Cameron (center) was heavily favored to defeat unpopular Labor Party and current Prime Minister Gordon Brown (right).  And then the voters heard more from Liberal Democrat Party Leader Nick Clegg (left) in a televised debate last week, and many UK polls cited him as the clear winner. And it now seems to be a three-way race. In case the inspiration behind his candidacy is not clear enough, Clegg’s slogan is Change that works for you.

UK Prime Minister’s office, for us yanks anyways, is a symbolic and good for photo-ops, but not consequential. Their economy can not wreck ours, however we can certainly cause damage to them. Their economy tanked last year as well, and they’re citizens are just as hacked off as ours (though with much more charming accents), so the idea of a third-party choice is not so crazy.

From the debate:


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