Posted by: Joe Eds | April 21, 2010

What if they had been cast…

Moviefone just posted this link with “Re-Imagined Movie Posters” replacing the lead with the actor originally selected / thought of / sought for. It’s very interesting because this is what us movie fans have to deal with. We have zero idea what The Matrix would have been had Will Smith been in the lead (He’s been quoted as saying turning it down as a big regret – hence his wife is in the two sequels). I have on good authority that Field of Dreams was tailor-made for Tom Hanks (rumor is he just didn’t get the script – and did The Burbs instead). And not only did Russell Crowe turn down Aragorn in LotR, Sean Connery was the first choice for Gandalf. We’ll never know…

The Back to the Future one is interesting because as devoted film geeks fans know, Eric Stoltz was cast as Marty and after several weeks of shooting was replaced (some photos of Stoltz in character here) by Michael J. Fox.

My viewings of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is well into double-digits. Trying to wrap my head around this and what that movie would have been like is just mind-boggling.



  1. The story I heard was that Connery turned down roles in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, both because he didn’t “get” the story. After those two hit it big, he got offered the lead role in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Again, he didn’t get it, but wasn’t about to turn it down. Poor guy.

  2. That’s the story Connery told the press when LXG was released…doesn’t mean it’s true.

  3. I love that you guys communicate with each other via blog comments.

    Where’s the Casablanca poster with Ronald Reagan as Rick?


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