Posted by: Joe Eds | April 20, 2010

NOT an Independent

Charlie Crist is in trouble. Recently elected governor of Florida is running for a Senate seat, and he might not make it out of his Republican Primary. Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, once considered an outsider, is beating him in the polls and in fundraising. Crist will, in the next few weeks due to a registration deadline, decide to run as an Independent instead of having a “R” next to his name or just settle on staying Governor with a “R” next to his name. Chris Cillizza of WaPo has a blog post on Crist’s likely option outcomes.

Why did Floridians turn against Crist? Scratch that, why did Republican Floridians turn against him? In two words: Stimulus Money. Crist proudly accepted stimulus money from the president and his party is apparently upset that he let the government give his state more money. Mitt Romney, among other notable Republicans, have endorsed Rubio.

Let’s get this out of the way. Crist is not an independent. He’s a man trying to get hired, not too dissimilar from Joe Lieberman in 2006 (a man out to keep his current job). He’s a down-the-line conservative on just about every issue. Accept when it came to accepting stimulus money. THIS is what is frustrating about our government and our party politics. You can’t disagree 5% of the time in some states. Your politician is either all in or a traitor.

And…there’s that other unspoken thing that the MSM not been mentioned at all. Oddly enough, I feel somewhat hesitant bringing it up as well. Let’s just say there are some long-standing rumors about Crist’s personal life. I suggest watching a few scenes from this film to seal the deal on that suspicion. To say that longstanding rumors don’t effect the general mood of a primary electorate and shouldn’t be reported is silly. Florida is also the state where now disgraced Rep. Mark Foley was elected. Of course, some members of the media do hint at Crist’s personal life in a smug, immature joking fashion. Watch Chuck Todd of NBC News on that subject here.


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