Posted by: Joe Eds | April 19, 2010

Pretty Puffy Profile Piece of Perry

That’s Texas Governor Rick Perry, and it’s Newsweek praising him and how the state of Texas, compared to other big states in our union, is surging forward. In the end the article is a pretty puffy profile piece of Perry, and it’s good press for him and for the state. Though in the last paragraph the authors get a nice jab in.

Perry made a big show of turning down a half-billion dollars of federal money to help pay for unemployment benefits, saying it would only lead to higher taxes on business. But he did not turn down about $16 billion in federal stimulus money voted by Congress last year. The money helped Texas stay in the black for 2009–10. Economic experts are predicting a shortfall of at least $15 billion in the coming year. Perry, it seems, is against big government, except for when he isn’t.

Rasmussen has a new poll out, Perry is ahead of fmr Mayor Bill White for Texas Governor. 48% – 44%. Not a big lead.


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