Posted by: Jeff | April 16, 2010

The What-Have-Yous

Apologies for my hiatus these last few days. Hopefully, I’ll be returning to full blogging force next week, along with the latest podcast by Joe and I. It’s gonna be a doozie.

1) The great debate over the “epistemic closure” of American conservatism, which I linked to last Friday, continues. Noah Millman had an epic post on the question, and Kevin Drum added his two cents. Megan McArdle put up an interesting post linking the closure to difficulties conservatives have in breaking into academia or entertainment. Matt Steinglass sort of agreed, Jonathan Bernstein thought she was crazy, and Conor Frierdersdorf disagreed that conservatives actually face those problems. Friedersdorf also launched a spectacular take-down of this Jonah Goldberg piece.

2) David Leonhardt, Ezra Klein and The Daily Show all tackled the statistic claiming 47 percent of Americans will pay no taxes.

3) Ross Douthat argued why physical resurrection is a less-crazy religious belief than eternal existence as a disembodied or reincarnated spirit. For what it’s worth, I agree with him.

4) Obama is rapidly becoming worse than Bush on the issue of civil liberties and executive war powers. Glenn Greenwald got into the weeds here and here. Julian Sanchez and Eli Lake also discussed.

5) Ezra Klein sympathized with Richard Trumka’s remarks at Harvard and the anger of working Americans in general. He also observed that contracts only seem to be sacred when they involve pay for rich people. Surprise!

6) Andrew Sullivan chronicled, in his usual admirably bulldog-ish fashion, the latest sex-abuse scandal hounding the Catholic Church. More here and here. Ross Douthat had an op-ed piece on the matter, and responded to Christopher Hitchens here and here.


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