Posted by: Jeff | April 12, 2010

The Treatment Closes Up Shop

Astute readers of The Regimen will have noticed that, other than Ezra Klein, the blogger I linked to most in the health care reform debate was Jonathan Cohn. The New Republic brought him on board, and launched Cohn’s blog The Treatment, specifically for the purposes of championing the cause of universal health care. As a layman with a long-vested interest in this stuff, and as a blogger myself, I found Cohn’s work to be an invaluable source of information, explanation and perspective.

Now, with reform (or more precisely the first stage of reform) passed, Cohn is closing up shop on the blog. His final post is up, and it covers a whole range of issues: his history with TNR, how the rise of of the blogosphere and new media changed the dynamics of political debate, his proudest moments, and what lessons he took away from the experience. The whole thing is well worth your time.

Talk about walking off the battlefield with your head held high.


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