Posted by: Jeff | April 9, 2010

The What-Have-Yous

A lot of bloggers have started a habit of finishing off each day with a list of the links, posts, articles, and other sundry items they wanted to write about, but time did not permit. I would not be so presumptuous as to suggest that I am able to dig up enough topics of interest to justify such a practice on a daily basis myself. Nonetheless, I remain bedeviled by the problem of accumulating too many tabs in my bookmarks folder.

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce the start of The Regimen’s newest weekly installment: The What-Have-Yous. All the stuff I wanted to comment on but couldn’t get to. Aren’t you excited?

1) Julian Sanchez, Matthew Yglesias, Reihan Salam, and Jonathan Chait all ponder the causes of the ever-solidifying right-wing thought cocoon. My guess? The correct answer is “all of the above.” (And Salam responds to Yglesias.)

2) Net neutrality takes a bit of a beating from a federal appeals court.

3) The Founding Fathers would not have bought the Supreme Court’s interpretation of corporate personhood.

4) David Boaz has a great piece on why the argument, made by many libertarians and conservatives, that America has become less free simply doesn’t scan.

5) Why state subsidy packages for film productions may be a bad idea.

6) In case this needed to be cleared up, the surge in Iraq is not working. Even by the Bush administration’s own metrics.


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