Posted by: Joe Eds | April 8, 2010

Get out!!!

According to Gallup, “the economy” is the #1 issue among voters for the 2010 midterms. Stop the presses! However, the fact that the “federal budget deficit” is so high on the concerns, further ahead of “terrorism” and “Afghanistan”, means the tea party voices are being heard. Whether we like it or not.



  1. In so far as the Tea Partiers have increased public concern about the deficit, I don’t object. What bothers me is the Tea Partiers’ refusal to consider tax hikes for balancing the budget. (See my own post above.)

    The one thing that does worry me is that political attempts to placate the public’s worries about the deficit could nip our economic recovery in the bud. I think it’s a fair point that the good economic trends we’ve been seeing recently have depended, to a large extent, on the government’s continued willingness to deficit spend:

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