Posted by: Joe Eds | March 30, 2010

Trailer Tuesday

So, this the 2nd trailer for Knight and Day, upcoming Tom Cruise / Cameron Diaz action-comedy (I’m sure romance is in there too) film opening this summer.  And I think it looks like shit. I hate these trailers. Set-up, Action, Action, Quip, Action, Music blast, Action, Another Quip, Look Bulls! Yawn.

BUT, and Vulture pointed this out too, do you think it’s an in-joke when toward the beginning Tom Cruise’s character says “They will try to convince you I’m mentally unstable” and Diaz’s character responds with “I’m already convinced”? Perhaps a jab at Cruise’s well-known outbursts on Oprah and the Today Show?



  1. I fully admit, without shame or apology, that I’m totally looking forward to this movie. Look! Bulls!

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