Posted by: Joe Eds | March 24, 2010

The “shirt wipe”

It’d be safe to assume that both President Clinton and President Bush could possibly be (seriously) world-record holders in the “Most Shaked Hands” competition. So they are both more aware than nearly any human being alive about “handshake protocol” with crowds. Watching this video it is undeniable to note that fmr President Bush clearly shakes hands with a native Haitian, then wipes off on fmr President Clinton’s shirt.

This clip’s been making the rounds this morning on some web sites. It was Bush and Clinton’s first joint visit to Haiti for relief support. Yes, it’s small and could be explained a million different ways. But diplomacy is perception and even lousy former presidents know that.

PS – If Clinton shook hands with a native then wiped it off on Bush’s shirt, do you think right-wing web sites would make a big deal out of it?


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