Posted by: Jeff | March 24, 2010

Somebody Get That Woman a Valium!

I was considering writing a response to this post by Megan McArdle, but some of Andrew Sullivan’s intrepid readers appear to have done the job for me:

I am not sure what Megan means by “legislative innovations.” Does she mean a straight up or down vote after a year of debate and negotiations? Does she mean reconciliation, a move used by Republicans and Democrats alike for years? The only “innovation” we saw this weekend was Democrats not backing down.

The will of the people was clearly expressed in November 2008 when Obama won the presidency with a clear mandate and the Democrats won overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate. Health care reform was a central part of Obama’s campaign as well as the campaigns of many Democratic Reps and Senators. Health care reform was not some wild surprise Obama sprung on the American people after he tricked them into electing him. I don’t think polls should be totally ignored, but I think that election day is the ultimate poll.

Also, she seems only interested in Congress honoring the will of certain people. My rep, Luis Guiterrez, was threatening to vote no. I and many others called and wrote to his office to urge him to vote yes. He listened to his constituents and voted yes. He was honoring the will of the people in his district. I also wrote to my senators, Obama, and Pelosi. Why should some Tea Party protester’s desires trump mine? McArdle ignores the fact that there are millions of regular citizens like me communicating with their legislators, and even more who silently wanted this legislation to pass.

Sometimes the other side just wins – it doesn’t mean the end of the country as we know it, and it doesn’t mean that they cheated.


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