Posted by: Joe Eds | March 19, 2010

Health Care Reconciliation Bill

If you’ve got a few spare hours and want to see the specifics. Here you go.



  1. You have to look carefully through the New York Times’ list, but one thing you’ll notice is that the reconciliation bill actually does a lot of popular stuff. It eliminates the “cornhusker kickback” – the sweetheart deal Nebraska got in which the federal government will pick up an increased portion of its Medicaid expenses – by extending that benefit to all fifty states. And it eliminates the special carve out the unions got from the excise tax – it delayed implementation of the tax for union plans by a few more years in comparison to everyone else’s – by extending the delay to everyone else as well.

    So, even though the Senate will still have to vote on the reconciliation bill even if the House passes the full bill on Sunday, there’s a good reason to think Sunday’s vote will be the decisive one. There’s no way Republicans in the Senate are going to be caught OPPOSING an end to the “cornhusker kickback” and the unions’ deal on the excise tax. And of course, the vote in the Senate, being a reconciliation vote, will only need 51 yeahs.

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