Posted by: Joe Eds | March 18, 2010

Who Will host This Week?

The Answer:  Christiane Amanpour

She will leave her job at CNN to anchor the staple ABC Sunday morning program This Week.  She will start the job in August, ABC’s Jake Tapper will guest host until then.

Somewhat of an odd move. Ms. Amanpour’s background is mostly international affairs, as opposed to inside-the-beltway politics. Unless you count her husband of over 20 years James Rubin, who worked in the Clinton Administration as Secretary of State of Public Affairs.

I’m checking my facts, but I’m pretty sure she is the first female to host one of the major network Sunday morning programs. Kudos Christiane.



  1. Good for ABC for realizing that having one Sunday morning show that isn’t all political punditry, all the time, might allow This Week to break out of the pack.

  2. Also, her name is Christiane, not Christine.

  3. That’s embarrassing. Thanks Ali.

  4. ;)

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