Posted by: Joe Eds | March 18, 2010

Davy, Davy Crockett

Fess Parker passed away today. Film Critic Leonard Maltin has a nice article about the famed 50’s actor.

Perhaps it was just a geographical thing, but from age 5-10 Davy Crockett was my hero. More particularly, Fess Parker’s Davy Crockett was my hero.

The Disney TV Movies about Davy Crockett were a constant fix in my household. Particularly, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (which actually was a collection of various segments of different Disneyland TV specials about Davy Crockett).  I’d watch, then cry. Watch, then cry. I had a coon skin cap that I wore all around the house (and outside the house on trips for good luck). I named my first BB gun “Betsy.” I’d pretend to wrestle my couch as if it were a bear (or “baar” if you prefer).

Here’s the final scene of the film. I haven’t watched it since my youth. RIP Fess.


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