Posted by: Joe Eds | March 14, 2010

A Hurt Locker rebuttal

A blog called Lone Star Veterans has a post up on the “authenticity” of The Hurt Locker. The author John Boer is a Iraq War vet who currently works in the Houston VA office.

The post is not entirely dismissive of the film, Boer opens positively that the film accurately portrays “the difficult transition from combat to civilian life and specifically how some service members never find their “place” in society and end up deploying again” which many (myself included) see as the film’s best sequence.

However, for the most part, Boer goes into detail about the inaccuracy of certain scenes, techniques used and plot devices in the film. The entire article is worth a read. Boer is plain-spoken and not preachy. He recounts similarities to scenes in the movie and his own personal experience discovering and defusing IEDs. It also includes photos taken by Boer (as sampled above).  He also includes films he feels does accurately reflect the military, including HBO’s Generation Kill.

Now, having been raised by two lawyers, very rarely on any given night watching a TV show or film featuring a courtroom proceeding did they point out inaccuracies and lack of authenticity. But you know what? We watched Night Court anyway because “it’s just a TV show kids.” So while Boer raises good points, in the end I understand that The Hurt Locker is just a movie.



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