Posted by: Jeff | March 8, 2010

Jeff’s Oscars Round-Up

Like myself, Chris Orr is pleased to see his prediction that Avatar would trounce The Hurt Locker in the Best Pic category proven wrong. I second his lament that Inglorious Basterds and especially Up In the Air didn’t get the love they deserved (whatever faults of ego the latter’s director is guilty of) and grudgingly tolerate his determination to rain a bit on The Dude’s parade.

Scott Mendelson, not surprisingly, has a sane take on the putative Bigelow/Cameron throwdown. Andrew Sullivan relives the discussion of The Hurt Locker’s accuracy, and while I kind of get why he was turned off by Mo’nique’s acceptance speech, I think people should be cut some slack for giving off weird and easily-misinterpreted vibes during moments of extreme emotion. And an Oscar speech is certainly an extreme emotional moment for the winner in question. (I actually think this goes a long way towards explaining Cameron’s now infamous “I’m king of the world!” moment, which always struck me as more awkward-yet-endearing than smug.)

And below is my vote for the best moment of the entire show. It’s Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty’s reaction to The Hurt Locker’s Best Pic win, about 12 seconds into the video. You gotta ignore the newscaster’s narration, and it only lasts about a second, but seeing that reaction shot in the context of the show, with the announcement mere seconds old, was pretty cool.

*UPDATE – Scott Mendelson offers some much-needed context for Mo’nique’s acceptance speech. I’d heard once, I think, that she’d caused some talk by not “campaigning” for the Oscar, but I hadn’t put two and two together.


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