Posted by: Joe Eds | March 2, 2010

Painful Subject

First read this at Swampland at from Joe Klein. In January,  there were 16 combat deaths in our armed forces from fire in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. In the same month, 24 soldiers committed suicide.

Startling. Startling and under reported. Klein links to an article featuring an interview with General Casey, where he states the increase of army suicides is still a mystery. Klein offers his own feelings on this very painful – but very addressable – subject.

I hope our effort in Afghanistan succeeds–but not if it crushes our Army. I hope Iraq limps toward democracy–but there is no way that a democratic Iraq can be worth the losses that we, and the Iraqi people, have already sustained.  The debacle inflicted upon our military by the Bush Administration’s feckless lack of attention in Afghanistan and its historic neocolonial foolishness in Iraq remains a staggering indictment of that benighted Administration. It should not be forgotten.


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