Posted by: Joe Eds | March 1, 2010

Texas Race Ads

I literally spit out my coffee. You do have to hand it to local races, their ads are much more, um, unique and colorful. I never would think ABBA and politics would go hand in hand.* This one is brought to us by, supported by Texans for Rick Perry.

* – Unfortunately the audio has been taken away from this video. Apparently this group didn’t get permission to use the beat of “Dancing Queen.” Well, you can still watch it and get the general picture. Sorry folks.

Hutchinson is going the more practical, typical approach. This ad brings up the Texas Corridor. Exploiting Featuring a farmer for political gain is nothing new.

While these two are duking it out until April, Bill White is waiting in the wings fund raising and staying classy. Article here from The Washington Post.


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