Posted by: Jeff | February 24, 2010

Oscar, Oscar

Joe and I discuss the Academy Awards, including this year’s nominees, snubs and who we think will win the gold.

Oscar, Oscar

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  1. Nice job, guys. You’re right: having all those other awards makes the Oscars somewhat anti-climactic, given how good an indicator they are of Oscar results.

    Does the Academy really think that higher TV ratings for the Oscars really boost box office revenue? If they did, wouldn’t they just remove most of the crap that bloats it to 4 hours? (Good Lord, the Oscar show is a snooze fest most of the time.) Is it really about allowing 5 more movies each year to directly boost (and/or prolong) their box office take by using the “Oscar nominated” tag in their advertising?


  2. For smaller films peter, yes the oscar nomination(s) and/or wins make a big box office difference. No one would see Crazy Heart had it not got this kind of awards recognition. Same thing for Monster’s Ball, same thing for Monster, same thing for The Wrestler.

    And for the individuals themselves it’s a great service towards their asking price. A Costume Designer, Cinematographer or Make Up artist can get much better rates if nominated, or had worked on a film that was nominated. So yeah the Oscars help in that regard.

    For the bigger films, you are correct doesn’t make that much of an impact. However, it’s bragging rights for the studios and their highlight reels, etc.

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