Posted by: Joe Eds | February 22, 2010

Texas Primary

The big Governor’s showdown in Texas is heating up. The election is eight days away on March 2nd.

At the moment the heat is on Senator Hutchinson, who is trailing Perry by any number of polls and herself has lost momentum from the new candidate Debra Medina on her heels. A sitting Senator finishing third in a primary would be quite embarrassing. However, the likely outcome is that neither candidate gets above 50% of votes and there will be a run-off in April between Perry and Hutchinson. Early voting is already underway.

Debra Medina’s surge since the new year has been the most surprising story. While not officially part of the “Tea Party” movement, she clearly shares some of the same supporters. After the horrible incident last week in Austin involving a suicidal mission into an IRS office, there has been no big verbal slip-ups from any of the candidates about that story…yet.

We at The Regimen aren’t really all about endorsements. We consider ourselves independent of either party. However, the Independent Texans, a PAC that we speak with, have created this site ( about ousting current Gov Rick Perry. Their site is here. We highly recommend checking it out.

The Austin American-Statesman has a “truth-o-meter” about some of the candidates remarks and their veracity. Worth a look.


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