Posted by: Joe Eds | February 19, 2010

The Obama Model

In 2006, then Senatar Barack Obama toured the country trying to help Democrats in the midterms as well as promote his just published book The Audacity of Hope. Obama announced his candidacy for President three months later. Many of his campaign’s main themes are in the text (apparently, I have not read it yet) and it gave a deep impression of an optimistic man hoping to make change. It worked, obviously. A great launch pad.

Mimicking success is inherit in politics. Former Governors Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney are following suit. Though you could make a case that Palin’s main objective is $$$. Cashing in on her celebrity while she’s still “relevant.” Romney, who is rich as Rockefeller, doesn’t need the money. I’m assuming he’s not a writer by nature. After running for President in 2007-08, we know what he’s all about. So why release a book called No Apology: The Case for American Greatness and go on a book tour in 19 states, the District of Columbia and Canada? Wild guess…

Time’s The Page has Romney’s jaw dropping book tour schedule. Check it out, he’ll likely be near your town sooner or later. So in two years we can look forward to a Palin / Romeny Republican primary. Their main vantage now is that they are on the sidelines shouting at what’s happening on the field.


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