Posted by: Joe Eds | February 9, 2010

Perry holding strong

One race where the incumbent is ahead, the Texas gubernatorial. According to a recent poll, the numbers are Perry 39%, Hutchison 28%, Medina 24%, with a ±4.8% margin of error. If no candidate gets over 50% of the vote in the primary on March 2, a runoff will be held on April 13. At the moment it looks like Hutchinson’s best best is to finish 2nd in the primary and hope to seal the deal in the runoff.

The polling elaborates what you can safely assume: Hard core conservatives like Perry, moderates like Hutchinson, Medina is the “Tea Party” candidate. But in the primary the base is what you need to win, not moderates.  This is an instance of one incumbent not in danger of losing his/her job. Why? Because his main opponent works in D.C.  And to show you just how weird this race is, former VP Dick Cheney endorsed Hutchinson, and the hard core group still prefers Perry.

We will know more March 2nd.



  1. Rick Perry is a walking corruption. Our site gives readers some humor to both kick Perry’s butt and learn at least 17 reasons why independent (non-aligned voting) Texans want to give him the boot. And, we said it here. If the Republicans are dumb enough to put him on the ticket, indies will be swinging the Governor’s seat to the Democrats – giving them a statewide office they haven’t held since Ann Richards in the early 90’s.

    Debra Medina has our support in the Republican primary. She is a Ron Paul Republican. Rick Perry and Sarah Palin are claiming to be the “tea party” candidates. Whatever!

    The Republican Party in crashing whatever independence is in the tea party movement (anti-incumbency and fiscal accountability). Fact is both parties are culpable in the mess we have on our hands and a movement of ordinary citizens — across the partisan divide is in order. Nothing is going to change without ordinary Americans unifying no matter how much the President tries. This (a cross-partisan reform movement) is what President Obama to take on his own party, in addition to the Republicans and their gamesmanship.

    Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

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