Posted by: Joe Eds | February 3, 2010

Avatar Day

Avatar will likely surpass the domestic box-office gross of Titanic today (it might have done it yesterday*). No big commentary is needed. Sure, movie ticket prices are bigger now than 1997/98. Sure, 3-D ticket prices, which make up a fair chunk of Avatar‘s domestic gross, are more than normal ticket prices. IMax prices are also more expensive. So you can conclude that less number of people have paid to see Avatar than Titanic (and many other older films). But it’s not really worth the discussion, the impact of this film is undeniable. Box Office history has been made.  Mojo is the first place to look, they usually post the previous day’s box-office around lunch time.

*UPDATEAvatar surpassed Titanic yesterday…but we found out about it today. So the post stands.


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