Posted by: Joe Eds | February 2, 2010

Nominations Reactions

The Oscar Nominations were announced this morning. Full list here. My predictions yesterday were mostly on the mark.

Ten Best Pic Nods
The big worry was that some very popular, but not well-celebrated film, was going to sneak in there. Many predicted Star Trek or The Hangover (or both), but instead the “commercial slots” went to The Blind Side and District 9 (no complaints here). I have not seen Side or Invictus (which got Best Actor and Supporting Actor nods) or Precious. I’m thrilled A Serious Man made it. Glad Up did as well. (500) Days of Summer didn’t sneak in, neither did A Single Man.

Penelope Cruz for Nine (which I did see) is a joke. She barely registers in the film and the only meaningful performer in it was Marion Cotillard. No Julianne Moore for A Single Man? Oh well. No love for The Road in any category, ditto The Hangover. For the tech nomination the only one I’d quabble with is Best Art Direction for Avatar. The sets looked the same as any sci-fi film in the last 20 years.

Your thoughts? Comment away. We love discussion.


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