Posted by: Joe Eds | January 22, 2010

It’s all YOUR fault!

The pundits, bloggers, talking points, columnists are all taking sides right now on the next step for the President, as well as the House Dems, after this GOP victory in Massachusetts. Some say health care reform is a must, some say drop it and move on. Krugman is pissed (well, when isn’t he?). Joan Walsh of was on MSNBC Weds night and said she is “about to throw in the towel” for our progressive president. TPM is saying “Something’s Got to Be Done!”

But our blogging mentor Andrew Sullivan, for me, takes the cake. It’s your fault, everyone. If you read his post “Fight Now!” (link here), you can conclude he thinks the president’s recent political troubles have come about because we haven’t fought hard enough for him. Uh huh. He also writes how he’s not crazy about the health reform bill, but Obama should sign it anyway (way to stick to your principles there Sullivan). He’s a frustrated man and passionate about certain things, and I give Sullivan a lot of credit there. But there is a line between “active” and “cheerleader” and frankly I don’t need “to ramp up support” for the President to do the right thing. He should know to do it and get on it.


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