Posted by: Joe Eds | January 21, 2010


This is my initial reaction to the Supreme Court decision today that ruled “the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections.” So is it a victory for free speech? Or will this allow corporate money to flood the political marketplace benefiting their corporate interests? Is corporate speech the equivalent to the speech of a human being? Will political campaigns be forever changed?

Swipe away all the pretty words of argument on this one. We’re screwed. And by “we” I mean us voters. Rich corporations if you’re reading this, congrats. You’ve caught a big fish on this one.

Justice Kennedy was the swing vote on the 5-4 decision. The NY Times has the full story, I expect my co-blogger Jeff will have a much more lengthy take on this subject later today or tomorrow. In the meantime you can read this statement from Sen. Russ Feingold who has been at the front line of battle against corporate influence on campaigns.

**UPDATED: Prez not too happy either. His statement here.



  1. Thanks for finding the Russ Feingold response. If anyone can ride to our rescue, it’s Feingold.

  2. Yep, we’re screwed. Maybe I’ll comment tomorrow. Right now, my plan is to spend this evening sitting in a corner of my apartment with a flask of whiskey, slowly rocking back and forth and entertaining notions of moving to Europe. Ugh.

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