Posted by: Joe Eds | January 12, 2010

20 Years Ago…

Miller’s Crossing from Joel and Ethan Coen. I first saw it when I was a Junior in high school. It quickly became one of those movies for me. I received the VHS tape for my 17th birthday and just watched, and watched and watched. Couldn’t get enough of it. It was for many years my favorite Coen Brothers film. Today it’s probably No Country, but it could always change back.

I love this movie. The structure. The story. The characters. The score is one of my all-time favorites (from Carter Burwell – used in trailers often). The imagery, especially that last shot of Tom looking over Leo as he walks away. And the words. The language in this movie. In a million years I could never think of anything as awesome as “Let’s see where the twist flops” or “Take your flunky and dangle” or “Nobody knows anybody. Not that well.”

Why didn’t this get more attention when released? Well, it’s usually a BS excuse but I do think it was a case of bad timing. The fall of 1990 saw a slew of Mob/Gangster movies released. A week after (a Week!) after Miller’s Crossing was released Goodfellas came out. Couple of months later The Godfather: Part III. The Two Jakes, Bugsy, Mobsters all within a year. I think it just got crowded out. But it is alive and well on DVD. Who thinks there should be a deluxe 20th Anniversary Screening here in LA? ME ME ME!!!


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