Posted by: Joe Eds | December 29, 2009

Political Winners ’09

According to Gallup, the “political winners” of 2009 have one thing in common:  Gender (and none are from Alaska). Chart below (click on it to get better view).

Now, asking someone who they consider a political “winner  or loser this year” is an entirely objective question. Glenn Beck sure got a lot of attention this year for outrageous statements, so does that make him a winner? Joe Wilson yelled out “You Lie” during a joint session of Congress. I say he’s a loser, but you could argue he’s a famous face of Congress now.

Oh well. I do find it fascinating that the three who came on top are Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sonia Sotomayor.  All three stayed above the fray, so-to-speak. All closely linked to the President (who finished 4th). Losers of the year were Mark Sanford and the White House Party crashers. No argument there.


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