Posted by: Joe Eds | December 17, 2009

Predictions for 2010

The Gaggle at Newsweek just posted 10 political predictions for 2010. I gotta say there’s a few bold ones and a few not-so bold. Some have been talked about already but I’ll post a reaction to a few.

Predictions from The Gaggle:

  • Harry Ried will lose re-election – Agree, too much bad press.
  • Chris Dodd will lose re-election – Disagree. Dodd will squeak through.
  • Palin will get a talk show – Very disagree. She feels she’s the head of a new movement in American History and she won’t settle for Bravo or Oxygen.
  • Obama will do nothing on Gay Rights – He’ll talk and talk, but in the end he won’t do a thing, agreed.
  • Dems will hold onto the House – Agreed. There will be a lot of noise and some names will go down, but in the end the GOP will scare away the moderates.


  1. My gut reaction is that Reid’s re-election remains up in the air, and is largely dependent on whether a health care bill gets passed.

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