Posted by: Joe Eds | December 15, 2009

Avatar Week

The critics saw it and creamed their pants. It’s been nominated for Broadcast Film Critics Assoc. Awards and this morning Golden Globes for Best Picture and Director.

Ebert loved it. Time and Variety revel in the films adventurous spirit and ground-breaking technology. David Poland at The Hot Button declares it’s a for sure Awards contender.

But, as our friend Scott Mendelson pointed out, this is very similar to the release of King Kong. Also technologically ground-breaking also from a top-tier director with a budget that woul’d make the CBO blush that the critics gushed over and audiences placed the film back to earth. I have not seen it yet so can’t comment, and if I knew how audiences would react to something ahead of time, well, I’d be a much richer man than I am now. This film and Sherlock Holmes will be the big $$$ makers this month, that I do know.


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