Posted by: Joe Eds | December 7, 2009

God Bless Jim Webb

I can’t think of one currently elected official I have higher regard for than Senator Jim Webb (D-VA). A veteran, former Sec. of the Navy, author and genuine bad ass (this clip of him ripping Sen. Lyndsay Graham on MTP is a hoot).

He just a wrote a thoughtful op-ed for The Washington Post about the President’s decision on Afghanistan. The headline “A Plan in Need of Clarity” lays it out. It’s a well-written piece from a guy clearly respectful of the President’s new plans, but also cautious on our mission.

And for the sake of perspective, could you name me one Republican leader who would write such a column when George W. Bush escalated war? A Republican who wasn’t completely lock-step behind his party’s president? It’s just very refreshing.


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