Posted by: Joe Eds | December 7, 2009

Another Strike on the Speech

Frank Rich is not the most rosy, uplifting opinion writer for The NY Times, but he’s one of their best. His Sunday piece on Obama’s Afghan speech, I think, is the most honest and fair reaction.  Excerpt:

Obama’s speech struck me as the sincere product of serious deliberations, an earnest attempt to apply his formidable intelligence to one of the most daunting Rubik’s Cubes of foreign policy America has ever known. But some circles of hell can’t be squared. What he’s ended up with is a too-clever-by-half pushmi-pullyu holding action that lacks both a credible exit strategy and the commitment of its two most essential partners, a legitimate Afghan government and the American people. Obama’s failure illuminated the limits of even his great powers of reason.

The column also brings up the lack of new taxes to pay for the troop escalation. And, while Rich firmly argues about the lack of sacrifice our country, with the exception of our military, has gotten away with I think the below cartoon says it all.


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