Posted by: Joe Eds | December 4, 2009

Jobs Crisis Facts

Some stats about Job Figures in the US today from our friends at The goods news is that jobs lost this November is the smallest since December 2007. Still a long way to go. They have more on their site, but here are the most brutal.

  • Number unemployed: 15.4 million (up from 7.5 million in December 2007)
  • Portion of unemployed who have been jobless more than six months: 38.3%
  • Total jobs lost during the recession: 8.0 million
  • Jobs needed to return to pre-recession unemployment rate: 10.9 million
  • Number of jobseekers per job opening: 6.1
  • States with double-digit unemployment in October, 2009: 15
  • White unemployment: 9.3%; black unemployment: 15.6%; Hispanic unemployment: 12.7%
  • Manufacturing jobs lost since the start of the recession: 2.1 million (15.5% of sector’s jobs)
  • Construction jobs lost in the recession: 1.6 million (20.8%, nearly one in five construction jobs)

Hardships and the safety net


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