Posted by: Jeff | December 1, 2009

Simple and Elegant

Great ideas for new traffic light designs aren’t the first thing you’d expect to see on this blog, but this was so cool I couldn’t pass up posting it. Basically, in involves installing an extra perimeter around the red light at any traffic stop, which will count down by segments to let you know when the light will turn green again.

The Ecological and Economical Traffic Light Concept [] by Damjan Stankovic is a Red Dot Design 2009 Award winner and consists of a simple yet, potentially highly practical visualization concept for everyday traffic lights that could reduce pollution and promote safer driving. There might already be quite some traffic light time counters around today, but few focus on informing the car drivers in a physically integrative and visually glanceable way like this proposed design concept.

Eko Light is specifically designed so it can be easily installed onto existing traffic light systems without much effort. It claims to bring forward following benefits:
– Less pollution, as drivers can turn their engines off and cut carbon emissions while waiting for the green light,
– Less fuel consumption, as turning off vehicle engines lowers fuel consumption in the long run,
– Less stress, since drivers know exactly how long to wait, and
– Safer driving, as all traffic participants are fully aware of how much time they have left before the light changes, reducing the chance for potential traffic accidents.

Knowing American culture, I’m not sure how many people would actually turn off their engines while waiting. (Public service campaigns could help with that.) But God knows the stress relief alone makes this idea worth it.


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