Posted by: Joe Eds | December 1, 2009

Get in, Get out

A few articles today have highlighted what will be seen as the President’s strategy that he will lay out tonight.

We know there will be an increase of roughly 30,000 troops. This NY Times article points out that those additional troops will be deployed over the next six months, so by May 2010 there will be 100,000 soldiers on the ground. Why?

“We want to knock the Taliban back, giving us time and space to build the Afghans up mainly in the security front but also in governance and development as well,” said one senior administration official.

Then there is this CNN article that claims that “senior administration officials” say that the President will conclude the war and pull all the troops back in three years. And there’s this one from MSNBC where a “senior administration official” says that troops will leave Afghanistan “well before” the end of his term.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, looks like the President’s strategy. The “senior administration officials” don’t happen to drop these little hints the day of a speech for no reason. They are setting up context. ‘We know more troops are being sent over there, but what’s the game plan?’ This is the game plan. Hit Al Queda hard with more forces, try to build up Afghan army while they’re scattered, then head home in time for people to vote in 2012. It pleases conservatives because we increase troops and it pleases liberals who want to get out of there as soon as possible (it also disappoints both sides).  We’ll see how President Obama pitches it tonight.


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