Posted by: Joe Eds | November 23, 2009

Short Term v Long Term

At the moment, most polls have the President’s approval rating right at 50% or just under that. Gallup has him at 49%. Quinnipiac poll shows that his polices and handling of health care have all slid, but people still like the President personally.

These polls come just as the President was out of the country, on a trip to China which, if you watch SNL, was seen as unproductive at best. So what’s it all mean?

In the short term, the President is not quite as popular as he used to be. And many want him focusing on jobs as opposed to health care. But, this president is going to finish that fight before he moves on because, in the long term, he (and everyone else in that city) know that if health care stays screwed up, it’ll bankrupt us too. And if the president signs health care legislation these numbers will go up. If unemployment goes back to single digits these numbers will go up.

There’s an article in The NY Times about the President’s sliding approval rating. It hints at the tangible problem with this short term problem:  Some congressman’s jobs actually depend on the President’s popularity, and they aren’t known for being patient. Let’s hope health care is signed before the new year. Or things will get really interesting.



  1. I’m almost to the point that, when it comes to the question of what Obama and the Dems should do about jobs, I think “nothing” may be the best answer.

    As I dealt with in my own post, another stimulus package would require more deficit spending, and I think that would be near political suicide at this point. A tax cut, optimally for the payroll tax, might work. But that still adds to the deficit. And you’ve got the problem that the cut will be temporary by definition, and when it expires that will piss people off too.

    So Obama might do well to just hang tight and wait for the rest of the stimulus to pay out and hope that boosts job creation in 2010. (Which, by all rights, it should.) But the perception that he isn’t doing anything RIGHT NOW isn’t going to make voters very happy either.

    It’s a hell of a conundrum, and I don’t envy him at all.

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