Posted by: Joe Eds | November 23, 2009

New Moon

$141M is the estimate for it’s first three days of release. I guessed $120M.

Third highest opening weekend of all-time, behind The Dark Knight and Spiderman 3 (also sequels).

Conclusions? A lot of people wanted to see this movie right away. That’s all. You could argue many other things about this franchise’s success, but in the end it’s a book a large group of people enjoyed and they equally wanted to see the film right away. Congrats to the stars, filmmakers and Summit Entertainment who was smart enough to make it. I hope the people who saw it enjoyed it.

Honestly, watching a film opening night with an anxious crowd is one of the best cinematic experiences. Seeing The Dark Knight last year on its first day of release was a real treat. The crowd cheering and gasping at the Joker. The large applause when Commissioner Gordon appears not dead. All great. I wanted to see all that movie with an opening night crowd. So, I get why the Twi-fans ran in droves to see this movie. Let’s just see how it does on weekend #2.



  1. In my press screening of The Dark Knight, the biggest applause bit was Jim Gordon taking out The Joker and revealing himself to still be alive. Nothing else came close.

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