Posted by: Jeff | November 18, 2009

Good News On Health Care

Looks like Harry Reid may have successfully threaded the needle.

Democratic leadership has distributed figures to reporters from a CBO analysis of Senate health care legislation. The numbers affirm what we reported this morning–that Majority Leader Harry Reid is very pleased.

The health care bill–which includes an opt-out public option–will require $849 billion over 10 years in new spending, to be paid for with cuts to Medicare, while reducing the deficit by $127 billion.

In that time it will extend coverage to 31 million Americans–94 percent of citizens will be covered by 2019.

Over the second 10 years, CBO projects even greater cost savings–up to $650 billion, with the caveat that after 10 years, their analyses become highly uncertain.

Granted the coverage is not quite as good as the House bill, and even though some of the predicted savings almost certainly won’t pan out, those deficit reduction numbers are still pretty astounding. Impressive legislative work by any standard.



  1. Agreed. This very much could be the deciding factor in this whole Health Care saga. Stay tuned.

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