Posted by: Joe Eds | November 13, 2009

Amy, why?

Here’s the great thing about this trailer:  After you watch it, you don’t need to see the movie because you clearly have just watched everything that is going to happen.

I firmly believe that Amy Adams is on her way to becoming one of the great screen actresses. Her work in Catch Me If You Can and Enchanted is wonderful. She has the best scene in Talladega Nights. And her performance in Junebug is one of my all-time favorites. But this looks awful. Was Reese Witherspoon busy or something?



  1. when you say “awful” do you mean “amazing”?

    i agree that i now know the entire movie based on this trailer….but… what? i am still going to see it.

    not every movie can be as pretentious and as movies like a.i. or frost/nixon or there will be blood or the reader screaming “take us seriously and give us oscars!!!!!”. some movies are just cheesy goodness. and thats it.

    and yes, i am the main demographic for this movie’s market. and yes, i will admit to liking bad movies. and yes, i will probably go see this.

    as will katie.
    and my mom.
    and my sister.
    and all of our friends.


  2. No. G.I. Joe was cheesy goodness. Prince of Persia looks like cheesy goodness. Even Date Night might be cheesy goodness. Tremors is the all-time pinnacle of cheesy goodness.

    This just looks… vulgar.

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