Posted by: Joe Eds | November 12, 2009

For Therapy Reasons


If this person pictured above gets on your nerves. If she drives you crazy. If she represents a part of our country you hate. If you think she set back feminism more than Britney Spears and Danica Patrick combined. If her voice makes you think Fran Drescher sounds like an angel. If your blood pressure rises at her very appearance on the TV box. If you have a funny feeling you’ve done more for your country than this twat ever will…

Then ignore her. She is going to be doing a big media blitz in the next couple of weeks promoting a book she “wrote.” There will be lots of discussion on TV and on the internet on things she’ll say this week. Predictions, proclomations, gossip. I would try to let it all go by you. I’d try to not get wrapped up in it. I’d focus all my energy on professional football and/or basketball.

Because if you feel (like I do) that the woman pictured above is merely a fad. That there isn’t really anything to her other than cosmetics, glasses and fake country-spunk. Then change the channel. Don’t click on the link. Delete that e-mail. Let’s treat her like a fad because fads only last a short while and the more people ignore them the faster it goes away.


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