Posted by: Joe Eds | November 11, 2009

Hannity to Respond? Uh oh.


It is best in the world of media punditry to ignore when you are being mocked. The negatives of responding to someone who makes fun of you is exponentially bigger than the positives. Especially when you are responding to Jon Stewart.

Sean Hannity, according to the NY Times, looks like he might do just that tonight on his show in response to last night’s The Daily Show.

Just to bring you up to speed. On Hannity’s show he was interviewing Michelle Bachmann about a rally outside of Capital Hill about health care reform on Thurs, November 5th, and showed footage of the rally and proclaiming it looked like 20,000 people showed up.

The Daily Show commented on the segment last night (clip here on Hulu) revealing that the number was probably closer to 10,000 and Hannity’s show inter-spliced footage from the “9/12 Tea Bag Rally” along with the rally on Thursday to deliberately make it look like a bigger crowd.  Stewart points out the difference in the footage which you could see clear as day when comparing the sky line and the difference in the tree leaves (lush green versus autumn brown).

After watching the clip, and the obvious manipulation by Hannity and his show’s producers, I’m guessing the response will be more along the lines of damage control than to challenge Stewart’s assertion that Hannity lied to his audience. We shall see tonight.


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