Posted by: Jeff | November 7, 2009

FUBAR: America In Afghanistan

Joe and I take stock of the war in Afghanistan, the proposed troop surge, and what we think American policy should be going forward.

FUBAR – America In Afghanistan

References for this podcast:

  • Washington Post article on Gen. McChrystal’s Afghanistan report
  • The Frontline documentary Obama’s War, and the complete interviews
  • page on Afghanistan and Operation Enduring Freedom, and casualties broken down by month
  • Wikipedia page on the various invasions of Afghanistan
  • Article in The New York Times about Vice President Biden’s take on Afghanistan
  • George Will’s column advocating a reversal of course in Afghanistan, and Fareed Zakaria’s column against sending more troops
  • A.J. Rossmiller’s article in The New Republic against a new counter-insurgency campaign

Music used in this podcast:

  • “Last To Die” by Bruce Springsteen, off his album Magic


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