Posted by: Joe Eds | October 28, 2009

Crunch Time


At least that’s how NY times columnist Thomas Friedman sees what is happening at the White House when it comes to a decision with Afghanistan. Friedman, in his latest column, offers his idea of what to do and it’s summed up in the headline:  Don’t Build Up.

Friedman makes several arguments on why there shouldn’t be an increase in troops, his last one is the best:

We are the world. A strong, healthy and self-confident America is what holds the world together and on a decent path. A weak America would be a disaster for us and the world. China, Russia and Al Qaeda all love the idea of America doing a long, slow bleed in Afghanistan. I don’t.

His column comes on the heels of a recent NBC/WSJ poll that shows that a plurality of Americans want a surge of troops in Afghanistan. As the health care debate fades into the background Afghanistan will come to the forefront.


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