Posted by: Joe Eds | October 26, 2009

Netflix lives on

Many businesses are having a tough time these days. But the website Netflix is sure swimming the opposite on that stream. According to The LA Times, the web site featured “stunning growth” with a 24% increased revenue last quarter and over half a million new subscribers.

Why? Streaming is becoming more popular and Netflix is flexing its library to include more titles. “Last quarter, 43% of Netflix subscribers streamed at least one movie or television show online, up from 22% in the same period a year ago.”

Also, and this is me talking, as movie ticket prices go up, Netflix subscriptions will too. As long as more and more TV shows on premium cable channels become popular, Netflix subscriptions will rise too.

Now, I’d like to write more on this subject but I see that I got my latest DVD’s of The Wire from Netflix in the mail. See you in a few hours.


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