Posted by: Joe Eds | October 12, 2009

Arnold, I’m proud of you


The same weekend President Obama addressed the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) vowing / pledging / promising / talking about doing something for the advancement of gays in America, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger actually signed two gay rights bills.

The first recognizes May 22nd as Harvey Milk Day in California, the second bill recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other states and “provides the same legal protections that would otherwise be available to couples that enter into civil unions or domestic partnerships out of state.”

The Sacramento Bee story is here.  Both bills were written by CA State Sen. Mark Leno (D). His website is here.

Andrew Sullivan, a blogging hero of both Jeff and myself, has been on a tear on this subject on his website. He has a review of the President’s address to HRC and it ain’t pretty.


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