Posted by: Joe Eds | October 11, 2009

Say it ain’t so, Wes

Disgruntled crew? A filmmaker out of his element? New ideas create new headaches? Self-absorbed artist bucking the system without a plan? OCD?

All the questions that spawn from this LA Times piece about the making of Fantastic Mr. Fox from director Wes Anderson. There are a few eye-brow raising quotes from the crew, including “He made our lives miserable.”

As the co-writer / director of Rushmore, a desert island movie for myself, I want to give Mr. Anderson the benefit of the doubt. However, it sounds like a director wanted to take a different approach to stop-motion animation, and make the film his own, but didn’t exactly “inspire” the crew.  The film comes out Thanksgiving.

The trailer doesn’t do it any favors.


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