Posted by: Joe Eds | October 7, 2009

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

The policy that won’t go away, either by choice or laziness. It was the subject of one of our first podcasts. A big campaign promise from the President (in the primaries anyway). Last night Jon Stewart put the president to task about the apparent lack of effort on the White House to overturn this policy, not too vicious but point well made. Hulu clip here.

The NY Times reported that this Saturday the President will meet with the gay rights activist group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) at their annual dinner on the eve of their Washington protest at the National Mall calling for more legal protections for gays. HRC has been unimpressed with the administration’s efforts thus far on gay rights, seeing it as too “noncommittal”. To Obama’s credit, he is only the second sitting president to attend this annual dinner, President Clinton attended once in 1997.

My opinion was made pretty clear on our podcast: This policy is embarrassing and should be repealed literally as soon as humanly possible.



  1. I second Jon Stewart on Obama’s need for a Metaphor Czar.

  2. You’d think this would be the easiest one for him to undo. All he has to do is flick his pen and poof, gays are allowed to openly serve. And all he has to say is ‘regardless of your stance on homosexual rights, at this point our armed forces need every single person who is willing and able to serve their country.’ Of all the stuff that we keep hoping he’ll deal with, this seems to be the easiest to justify and the easiest to accomplish.

  3. That’s right. The legislature isn’t an impediment to this one. Obama’s reluctance on DADT is pure cold-eyed political calculation on his part.

    Best I can figure, the small portion of Americans who would be pissed off by repealing DADT probably also include a non-insignificant portion of the voters who elected conservative Dems and thus gave the Dems their current majorities. And Obama doesn’t want to piss them off. Meanwhile, everyone who would be happy about DADT being repealed is voting for Obama and the Dems already, and wouldn’t switch to the Reps in a million years. So it’s a low reward/high risk move for Obama.

    The gay rights movement is to the Democrats what the pro-life movement is to the Republicans. More or less permanent support with no need to actually deliver.

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