Posted by: Joe Eds | October 6, 2009

Best Concert Film. Period.


Stop Making Sense, the concert film featuring Talking Heads and directed by Jonathan Demme, is coming out next week on Blu-Ray to mark the film’s 25th anniversary. The LA Times has this review and poses a question of ‘How well does this film age?’

I can answer that. Amazingly well. Jeff, myself and a good friend of ours saw it at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica (great venue) last year and this film is utterly hypnotic. The music remains phenomenal. The unusual lighting. The use of props. No reactions shots of the audience (until the final song). No quick cutting or zooming camera moves. But still this film just emits enormous energy to those watching it. And yeah, David Byrne wears the infamous “big suit”, which is pretty awesome. The other highs are “Life During Wartime”, “Once in a Lifetime” and “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)”.

Whoever owns a Blu-Ray player and is planning on buying this, let’s talk.



  1. I’m not the world’s biggest Talking Heads fan – I hadn’t even heard of them before I went to see this at the Aero – but I do agree with Joe that it’s a cut above the average concert film. Demme seems to have put some real thought into its construction, particularly the opening numbers where they build the band up on stage one person at a time.

    The downside of that is, for me at least, the first third was the most interesting part. It’s really cool to see Byrne up there all by himself doing “Psycho Killer” with nothing but an acoustic and a beat tape. And the spare version they do of “Heaven” is probably my favorite part. Though I have to second “Life During Wartime” as another high point.

  2. Rattle & Hum…nuf said!

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