Posted by: Joe Eds | October 1, 2009

Hope for The Road

David Poland, who runs Movie City News and The Hot Blog, is a very smart and thorough on the film side.  I read his two main sites daily.

Today he hinted at his review of The Road. The post is here, but this is the key quote:

I finally saw The Road last night. And I am stunned by Variety’s Hollywood-thinking dismissal of a minor masterpiece and the sad fools who follow the lead of anything that still smells of the media might they remember from the past. “This “Road” leads nowhere,” glibly reads the opening jab. But in that line, Todd McCarthy actually understands this film in a way that he cannot – or more likely, chooses not to – understand.

We are all on the road. People believe differently about what lies at the end of that road. But for me, the movie reminds us of what we all too quickly forget. We are here now. We have what we have. We can lose anything at any time… even our lives. Yet, we choose to live. And if we choose to live, the only thing that lives on beyond the road… the only thing we can be sure of… is love.


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